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A unique and fun way to immerse yourself in ancient Rome without having to fight in the arena of the Colosseum is to visit the Roma World. This charming theme park offers a fun day for families in an authentic Roman setting. Here’s how you can experience a gladiator day at...

Rome, the Eternal City, never ceases to surprise and enchant its visitors. This November, the Italian capital is preparing to host a series of extraordinary events that promise to enliven its historic streets and monuments. Here is a selection of some of the most anticipated events:...

Rome is famous for its rich history, delicious cuisine and fascinating tourist attractions, but the city also offers a unique shopping experience. One of the most iconic places for Roman shopping is the Porta Portese market, which is held every Sunday morning. In...

When you think of Rome, its iconic monuments, ancient streets and rich history inevitably come to mind. But there is an aspect of this city that often goes unnoticed, and yet it is equally fascinating and delicious: street food in ancient Rome. If you want to explore the flavors of ancient Rome w...

Rome is a city that has its roots in ancient history and in every corner there are amazing archaeological treasures. Among the most fascinating destinations for lovers of history and culture, the archaeological area of Largo Torre Argentina offers a journey into the Roman past th...

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