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Cosmopolita Hotel Rome
Tapestry Collection by Hilton

One of the most fascinating and mysterious jewels of Rome is hidden in the lush gardens of Piazza Vittorio; we are talking about the Alchemical Door, also known as Porta Magica or Porta dei Cieli. This particular monument, rich in esoteric symbol...

For lovers of history and culture, there is nothing more exciting than exploring places where the past meets the present. Just a stone's throw from the bustle of Rome, there is a corner of the world where time seems to have stopped, preserving the secrets of a bygone era: the...

When one thinks of Rome, often images of its extraordinary ancient ruins, majestic churches, and lively squares come to mind. But there is another aspect of the Eternal City that deserves to be explored: its vibrant distr...

There's something magical in the air as Easter approaches. The streets fill with a vibrant atmosphere, rich in spirituality, history, and a hint of springtime joy. It's a time when religious traditions intertwine with secular ones, creating a mosaic of unique experiences that fas...

The Eternal City is not just a treasure trove of history, art, and culture, but also a must-visit destination for shopping enthusiasts. Among the streets of this bustling metropolis, outlets are real oases for those looking for d...

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