What to do in Rome: Experience the magical atmosphere of Christmas in Rome

The air is filled with celebration, the lights sparkle in the streets and the atmosphere is enveloped by Christmas magic. Rome, with its thousand-year history, is preparing to celebrate Christmas 2023 with a unique splendor. Today we will explore the wonders and activities that will make your Christmas experience in the Eternal City unforgettable, offering you an opportunity to experience the magical atmosphere of Christmas in Rome like never before.

Luminous Walks through the Illuminated Streets
Rome, during the Christmas period, dresses up with a myriad of colorful lights and lovely decorations. Walk through the streets of the old town and admire the illuminated buildings, the decorated trees and the sparkling windows. From majestic squares to picturesque alleys, every corner of the city shines with a special light that adds a magical touch to the Christmas atmosphere.

Christmas Markets: Shopping and Culinary Delights
The Christmas markets in Rome are real treasures for those who love the spirit of Christmas. Piazza Navona turns into a Christmas village with stalls full of handcrafted gifts, festive decorations and culinary delights. Explore the markets to find unique souvenirs and enjoy the typical delicacies of the season. Christmas in Rome also means enjoying the unique flavors of local cuisine. Treat yourself to Christmas delicacies such as panettone, nougat and homemade cookies in the city’s cafes and pastry shops. Experience the special menus of restaurants, where traditional dishes are combined with creative reinterpretations to delight your palate.

Artistic Nativity: A Journey into the Italian Tradition
The crib is a Christmas tradition rooted in Italian culture, and in Rome you can admire artistic cribs in many churches and squares. Take a look at the giant crib in St Peter’s Square, made with skill and attention to detail. Explore the city’s historic churches to discover unique nativity scenes that tell the story of the Nativity with creativity and devotion.

Concerts and Christmas Shows
Immerse yourself in the magic of Christmas music by participating in concerts and shows organized in different locations of the city. From choral performances in historic churches to Christmas-themed theatre performances in theatres, Rome offers a wide range of events that will make you vibrate to the rhythm of Christmas.

v Experiencing the magic of Christmas in Rome in 2023 is an extraordinary experience that will completely immerse you in the Italian Christmas spirit. From street markets to street lights, from cribs to Christmas notes, Rome offers a variety of activities that will make your Christmas stay memorable. Whether you are an occasional visitor or a resident of the Eternal City, let yourself be carried away by the magical atmosphere of Christmas in Rome and create unforgettable memories.

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