What to do in Rome: All the traditions of Roman Easter

There's something magical in the air as Easter approaches. The streets fill with a vibrant atmosphere, rich in spirituality, history, and a hint of springtime joy. It's a time when religious traditions intertwine with secular ones, creating a mosaic of unique experiences that fascinate visitors and residents alike. And few cities can offer a more captivating stage than Rome during the Easter festivities. In a setting imbued with spirituality, history, and culinary delights, Easter in Rome is a unique experience that blends religious rites with secular traditions, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere of the Eternal City.

Religious Rites
Holy Week is a period filled with meaning, culminating in the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus. But in Rome, this celebration goes beyond the simple religious aspect. It's an engaging experience that embraces the entire city. From Holy Thursday, with the grandeur of the Mass at the Basilica of St. John Lateran, to Holy Friday, with the moving Via Crucis at the Colosseum led by the Pope, every moment is laden with emotions and spirituality. On Easter Sunday, St. Peter's Square becomes the stage for a joyous celebration, with the recitation of the Regina Coeli echoing among the columns of the basilica.

The Typical Easter Breakfast
But it's not just the spiritual dimension that makes Roman Easter so fascinating. There's also the culinary aspect. Easter breakfast, in fact, is a fundamental moment for Romans. Gathered with family, they share sweet and savory dishes that represent the abundance and joy of the holiday. Corallina (a type of salami), Easter pizza, savory pies, eggs, lamb innards with artichokes, and chocolate delight the palate in a festive banquet that celebrates the end of Lenten fasting.

Easter Monday Outing
Easter Monday, affectionately known as "Pasquetta", is a time for relaxation and fun for Romans. With schools and workplaces closed, families and friends come together to spend a day outdoors. The city's parks come alive with picnics and barbecues, while many opt for a trip to the picturesque Castelli Romani, where outdoor feasts are organized. This day, often blessed by the first spring sunshine, becomes an opportunity to enjoy nature and the company of loved ones.

The Easter traditions in Rome offer an engaging experience that blends the sacred and the profane, history and gastronomy. For tourists, it's a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in local culture and fully experience the festive and welcoming spirit of the Eternal City. Whether participating in religious rites, savoring culinary delights, or enjoying a day outdoors, Easter in Rome promises unforgettable emotions and moments of authentic pleasure.

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