Secrets of Rome: The fascinating history of the Domitian stadium under Navona Square

In addition to iconic monuments and famous attractions, Rome hides underground treasures that tell fascinating stories. One of these treasures is the Domitian Stadium, located below Navona Square, a place that embodies the extraordinary history of Rome. Let’s discover together the fascinating history of this ancient stadium that lies buried under one of the most famous places in the city.

A Glorious Past Beneath Our Feet
Navona Square is known for its architectural beauty and vibrant cultural activities. However, few know that under this square lies an ancient secret: the Domitian Stadium. Built in 1 A.D. by Emperor Domitian, this place was dedicated to athletic games and hosted athletics, horse racing and gladiatorial games.
The Domitian Stadium extended for a large area under the current Navona Square and its surroundings. The original structure is thought to have a capacity of over 30,000 spectators and was adorned with columns and statues. Its grandeur and importance in ancient Rome cannot be underestimated.
During the following centuries, the stadium underwent various transformations. It was used as a quarry for building materials, leading to the removal of many of its majestic structures. Moreover, in the Renaissance, Navona Square was built over the ancient stadium, transforming it into a completely different place.
During renovations in the 19th century, archaeological discoveries were made that revealed the foundations of the stadium. These findings have allowed historians to better understand the grandeur and original structure of this place.
The Domitian Stadium is a fundamental piece in the history of Rome. Its existence underground under Navona Square is a tangible reminder of the glorious past of this city. It represents an extraordinary opportunity for those who visit Rome to immerse themselves in the ancient world and appreciate the greatness of the Roman civilization.

A Secret to Discover
The Domitian Stadium under Navona Square is a real hidden treasure of Rome. Its fascinating history and its importance in antiquity add an aura of mystery and wonder to this already fascinating place. Although it is not possible to visit it physically, its presence under our feet in Navona Square makes the charm of Rome even more intriguing.
Unfortunately, at the moment, the Domitian Stadium is not open to the public for visits. However, its history and impact on modern Rome can be appreciated through virtual tours, exhibitions and historical information provided by the archaeological sites and museums of the city.
As you explore the magnificence of Rome, keep in mind that the city hides treasures like the Domitian Stadium, ready to reveal fascinating secrets of the Roman past. May your trip to Rome be full of discoveries and wonders!

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