Rome in the kitchen: Street Food in Ancient Rome

When you think of Rome, its iconic monuments, ancient streets and rich history inevitably come to mind. But there is an aspect of this city that often goes unnoticed, and yet it is equally fascinating and delicious: street food in ancient Rome. If you want to explore the flavors of ancient Rome while enjoying a stay in the Rome With View apartments, this article will take you back in time through the street food that once graced the streets of this magnificent city.

Bread and Comedy of Ancient Rome
One of the most emblematic street foods of ancient Rome was the "Panem et circenses," ie bread and entertainment. Roman citizens adored bread, which was sold by itinerant bakers. It was usually served with olives, cheese or meat. The shows, including the famous gladiator fights, were the other part of this delightful experience. People could enjoy a portion of bread as they watched exciting events in the arena.

Populares: Street Food for All
In ancient Rome, street food was not limited to the upper class; it was accessible to everyone. The "popinae" were the walking banquets where you could find delicacies such as sausages, pancakes and other delicacies. These street vendors positioned themselves in the squares and along the streets, inviting passers-by to savor the pleasures of Roman cuisine.

The Ancient Fast Food
Ancient Rome had its own version of fast food, known as "thermopolia." These were refreshment points that offered ready-to-go food. Here you could enjoy dishes such as the "gustatio," an appetizer made of olives, cheese and sausages, or the "gustum," a main dish that could include meat or fish.

The ancient Romans also had a fondness for sweets. You could find street banquets that offered delights like the "globus," a kind of fried ball-shaped cake, or the "libum," a kind of sweet focaccia.

A Taste of Ancient Rome Today
Obviously, ancient Roman street food is no longer available on the streets of the city, but some restaurants in Rome have taken inspiration from those ancient times and offer modern reinterpretations of these delicacies. During your stay in Rome, you can enjoy the culinary history of this city by visiting restaurants serving dishes inspired by ancient Rome.
In conclusion, ancient Rome was not only a city of history and monuments, but also of delicious flavors that could be enjoyed on the street. If you want to immerse yourself in the culinary essence of Rome, be sure to enjoy some street food inspired by ancient Rome during your visit. Whether you opt for bread and olives or sweet pancakes, you will find an authentic link with the past in every bite.

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