Rome in the kitchen: Cornetti, maritozzi, and all the other delights of a Roman breakfast

If you're planning your stay in Rome, get ready to immerse yourself not only in the history and culture of the city but also in the unique flavors of a typical Roman breakfast. Discover with us the delights that await you every morning and get inspired to book an unforgettable vacation in the Eternal City.

The Tradition of Roman Breakfast
Roman breakfast is a tradition rooted in simplicity and conviviality. Historically, breakfast in Italy was light, a quick meal before starting the work or school day. In Rome, this habit has evolved while always maintaining a balance between practicality and taste. Breakfast represents a social meeting moment, often consumed standing at the bar, chatting with friends and acquaintances. It is a unifying ritual, a first human contact of the day, flavored with authentic and genuine tastes.

The Coffee Ritual
Let's start with the undisputed king of breakfast: coffee. In Rome, coffee is much more than just a drink; it is a social and cultural ritual. Espresso, invented in Italy at the beginning of the 20th century, is the most common form of coffee, short and intense, perfect for a quick energy boost. For those who prefer a milder beverage, cappuccino—a combination of espresso and frothed milk—is the ideal choice. Try an espresso in one of the many historic bars in the city and get swept up in the contagious energy of a Roman morning.

Cornetto: The Sweet Tradition of Roman Breakfast
Next to coffee, you'll find the cornetto, the Italian equivalent of the French croissant, but with its own unique touch. Imported to Italy in the 19th century, the cornetto has undergone several transformations, becoming a symbol of Roman breakfast. Soft and fragrant, it can be filled with cream, chocolate, jam, or simply enjoyed plain. Every bite of a cornetto is a journey into pleasure, perfect for accompanying your coffee and starting the day with a smile. Try a cornetto in one of Rome's many artisanal patisseries and discover the true meaning of sweetness.

Maritozzo: The King of Roman Breakfast
If you crave something even more indulgent, you can't miss the maritozzo. This soft sweet bun has ancient origins, dating back to Roman times, but it was in the Middle Ages that the maritozzo acquired its current form. Traditionally consumed during Lent, the maritozzo has become a must-have for Roman breakfast. Filled with abundant whipped cream, it is a true institution, perfect for those who aren't afraid to indulge in a little sin of gluttony. Savor a maritozzo in one of the city's historic cafes and let yourself be enveloped by its irresistible creaminess.

Biscuits and Toasted Bread: The Homemade Roman Breakfast
For those who prefer a simpler, homemade breakfast, biscuits and toasted bread are a perfect option. These products have rural origins, when dry biscuits and slices of toasted bread were made at home to last over time. Spread with butter and jam, or dipped in a cup of hot milk, these delights are a return to the flavors of childhood. Choose from a wide range of artisanal biscuits in local bakeries and enjoy an authentically Roman breakfast in the comfort of your apartment.

Fruit and Fruit Juice: The Healthy Choice of Roman Breakfast
Let's not forget those who prefer a lighter and healthier breakfast. Fresh seasonal fruit and natural fruit juices are always an excellent choice to start the day with a note of freshness. In Rome's local markets, like the famous Campo de' Fiori Market, you will find a wide selection of fresh fruit to enjoy in the morning. The tradition of consuming fresh fruit in the morning dates back to ancient times, when Roman farmers began their day with the best that the land offered.

The Magic of Roman Breakfast
Roman breakfast is an experience that combines history, culture, and taste. Every coffee, cornetto, or maritozzo tells a story of traditions that have evolved over time, always keeping alive the essence of Roman conviviality. Experiencing breakfast in Rome means immersing yourself in a daily ritual that will make you feel like an integral part of the city. If you really want to discover Rome, start your day like a true Roman, enjoying the authentic flavors that only a breakfast in the Eternal City can offer. Have a great trip and a wonderful breakfast!

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