Roman Holidays: A relaxing day along the Roman coast

Exploring Rome offers a 360-degree overview: not only architectural wonders, archaeological sites and museums, but also secret treasures waiting to be discovered. The heart of the Eternal City is enriched by a lush heritage of parks. Rome boasts the title of one of the greenest capitals of Southern Europe, and a notable example is Villa Doria Pamphilj. This park, which covers almost 185 hectares, is located a short distance from the city center and is among the largest urban parks in the world. But surprises do not end with green. Moving away from the center and heading towards the coast, Rome reveals an extraordinary coastline, with golden beaches that extend endlessly. Here, a precious heritage of biodiversity finds its home a few kilometers from one of the most fascinating capitals of the planet.

Among the beautiful beaches of the Roman coast, a place of honor is undoubtedly Ostia, the city beach par excellence. Administratively, Ostia is a fraction of Rome located in the 10th Town Hall and is easily accessible from the center thanks to an efficient public transport system, particularly strengthened during the summer season. The Ostian coast is commonly divided into two parts: the Lido di Ostia di Levante and the Lido di Ostia di Ponente. Here, you will find a variety of beaches, from equipped to free ones, often called "gates". This area is the ideal choice to spend a different day in Rome, especially because the waters are often clean and relatively quiet. However, being so close to the city, the beach of Ostia can get crowded, but just move to the Lungomare Duilio and Catullo, near Castel Fusano, to discover an authentic oasis of relaxation. In addition, the coast of Ostia offers interesting alternatives for those who want a variety of experiences. For example, in the area of Castel Fusano there is a wonderful pine forest, with an almost legendary history. This Natural Park, with its 916 hectares, is the largest in Rome Capital. Here, there is no lack of historical and archaeological references, given the proximity to Ostia Antica. The pine forest is crossed by the ancient Via Severiana, which once connected the coast to Terracina, and houses the remains of the beautiful Domus Palombara dating back to the first century. For those who love more wild landscapes, between Torvaianica and Castel Porziano extend the dunes of Capocotta, among the most beautiful and best preserved in Italy, where unspoilt nature offers extraordinary landscapes. The beaches of Ostia offer a wide range of services. In addition to sunbeds and umbrellas available for hire in the equipped areas, you can rent bicycles to comfortably explore the surrounding area during a pleasant day at the beach.sea
We can not help but mention Fregene, one of the most famous seaside destinations of the Roman coast, frequented not only by many characters of the show but also by tourists eager to relax. Located north-west of Rome, about 40 km from the capital, Fregene offers a series of free beaches interspersed with bathing establishments. Its coastline is characterized by fine sand and shallow waters, making it an ideal option for families. In this part of the Lazio coast, the currents are favorable, generally ensuring crystal clear waters. Fregene is less crowded than Ostia, and the comfort on the beach is guaranteed by the possibility of renting umbrellas and deck chairs for the whole day. In addition, numerous kiosks along the beach offer refreshment services. During the day, the beach of Fregene is animated by families with children, while the evening hours give a magical atmosphere for those seeking romance. The sunsets on the beach of Fregene are famous for their beauty, with the sky that is tinged with shades of red and the first notes of the concerts that often animate the evenings along this coast. Not far from Fregene, heading north, is Maccarese, another coastal area of extraordinary beauty, famous especially for its restaurants. Here, both for lunch and dinner, you can enjoy seafood delicacies with sea views, in a unique and romantic setting. For lovers of literature, it is interesting to note that this is not only one of the most beautiful beaches of the Roman coast, but was also a beloved place by Alberto Moravia, one of the great writers of our time.

Santa Marinella
Continuing north, you arrive at Santa Marinella, a lovely place with a clear sandy beach that offers complete services for families looking for tranquility. The drive from Rome along the Via Aurelia takes about an hour, but it is definitely worth it. Santa Marinella, not being in the immediate vicinity of Rome, is generally less crowded during the week than other beaches. This gives it a more intimate and charming atmosphere, highlighting its beauty in a singular way. But when we talk about the pearls of the Roman coast and mention Santa Marinella, it is inevitable to mention Santa Severa, an authentic coastal jewel. This small beach, extremely popular at the weekend, is dominated by the majestic castle that is reflected in the waters of the sea, a well-preserved castle that adds a touch of charm to its natural beauty. The peculiarity of the beach of Santa Severa lies in the fact that, moving from one end to the other, you pass by completely different scenarios. On the one hand, you are on a beach of light and fine sand, while on the other, you enter a completely different landscape, characterized by dark sand and a feeling of wilderness. This variation of landscapes occurs in a few square meters of beach. The dark sand area is located near the Macchiatonda Regional Nature Reserve and offers a more immersive experience in nature, away from the crowds on the other side of the beach.

These are just some of the wonderful beaches of the Roman coast to explore during a day at the beach during your stay in Rome at the Rome with view apartments. Staying in the heart of Rome, in a privileged position a few steps from some of the most famous monuments of the Eternal City, allows you to easily reach the coast and spend pleasant hours of relaxation in a different atmosphere.

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