Events in Rome: a riot of colors, masks and good food during Carnival

The Roman Carnival
Carnival is a tradition deeply rooted throughout Italy, and even in the Eternal City of Rome is celebrated with great fervor for many years. Masks, colorful floats and an atmosphere of pure joy are the main ingredients of this festival that attracts tourists from all over the world. Carnival in Rome is not only a tradition like many others, but it is a memorable event that offers an endless festive experience.
The program of the Carnival in Rome is always full of events of various kinds, each with its peculiarities and unique initiatives. For over a week, the historic center of Rome is invaded by masked people, light games and many celebrations that give life to the Eternal City. The shows are another must-see attraction of this event. The ancient traditions of the Roman Carnival are reproduced in a modern key, keeping intact the authenticity and beauty of this thousand-year event.

The masked parties
Masquerade parties are one of the main attractions of the Roman Carnival, which will surely arouse curiosity and interest. There are so many of them that you might even feel confused about which one to choose. For the duration of the Carnival, the squares of the city will be invaded by clowns and extravagant characters, coming from folklore or mythology. Among the most famous masks, there will be Arlecchino, Pulcinella and Colombina, which have made the history of this tradition and can also be found in other Italian cities.
Every year the Roman public surpasses itself giving life to original masks and never seen before, while the best costumes are immortalized by photographers and become part of the collective imagination. As always, during the Carnival, the most beautiful and creative masks and costumes will be awarded. The celebration of the Carnival in mask in Rome is closely linked to the history, culture and tradition of the city and you can discover all the secrets during the celebrations, which include not only masked parties but also celebrations dedicated to the birth and history of this wonderful tradition.

The floats of Carnival
The parade of floats is one of the crucial elements of the Carnival in Rome and is the most awaited moment of the entire festival. The parade is the icing on the cake and attracts many visitors eager to enjoy the show of light and color. Each year the floats are decorated following a different theme, ranging from the characters of the show to politics, up to sensitive topics such as homosexuality, corruption or sport. Despite this, the parade has no political intent, but just wants to entertain and make people smile. The floats are renewed from year to year, making each edition unique and unrepeatable.
Modernity has revolutionized the means used for the parade: today the carts are no longer drawn by cattle but are motorized, allowing them to interact with the public. It is customary to distribute Roman sweets and gadgets of various kinds from the cart during the parade. In addition, often there are masked actors on the bandwagon who entertain the audience, turning the moving medium into an open-air stage. No matter how irreverent the theme may be: the less respect he has for institutions or people, the greater the chances of success. Carnival is the perfect time to make jokes and have fun, forgetting for a while the problems of everyday life.

Roman Carnival: where joy is limitless
Regardless of your political or religious beliefs, the Carnival of Rome is a place of happiness and lightheartedness that will allow you to disconnect from your daily routine. Here you can admire the creativity and joy of the Roman people, who have an unlimited imagination and surprise every year the visitors of the Carnival of Rome. In addition, if you wish, you can also participate in the games and have fun together with the crowd. The Carnival of Rome is also a great opportunity to meet new people, make friends with those who come from all over the world and share moments of joy together.

The gastronomic delights to enjoy during the Carnival in Rome
Food is an essential element of Carnival in Rome and should be considered with the utmost attention during the visit. In addition to the beauty of the floats and the general feast, in fact, the Roman Carnival is an unmissable opportunity to enjoy the delicacies of local cuisine. Roman chefs strive to offer visitors a combination of incredible flavours, including spaghetti carbonara, artichokes alla romana, the famous supplì on the phone and rigatoni with pajata and coda alla vaccinara. There are many typical dishes that you can taste during the Carnival in Rome, and every taste will make you discover a little more of the culinary culture of the Eternal City.

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