Events in Rome: Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Rome in a unique and original way

To live an unforgettable New Year’s Eve in Rome, it is not enough to simply organize the day, but you have to vibrate your artistic vein in full. If you are determined to visit the Eternal City for a unique New Year’s Eve, we suggest you take a look at this short guide, full of original ideas. In addition to exploring the ancient history of Rome, you will have the opportunity to have fun and admire the magnificent historical and artistic buildings that adorn the historic center of the capital of Italy, a real open-air museum.
On the night of December 31, you will be spoiled for choice to decide how to spend that magical evening. Regardless of your choice, get ready to immerse yourself in an atmosphere of lights, scents, colors, fireworks and melodies, in one of the most beautiful cities not only in Italy, but around the world. So you will discover that Rome is the ideal place to celebrate the arrival of the New Year, whether in the company of your better half or friends.

Celebrating the New Year in the square in Rome
Like every New Year’s Eve in the main Italian cities, numerous celebrations will be organized. Rome is no exception, indeed, it is preparing to offer 24 hours of celebrations and celebrations to welcome the new year in the Eternal City. Visitors to the city will be offered dance performances, music, light games and other celebrations in various places from 21 December.
The evocative plays of light will be held mainly at the Circus Maximus. However, if you want something different, you can safely ignore the busier holidays and enjoy quieter activities. Also this year, in fact, will be organized several movie marathons specifically for those who prefer to enjoy a good movie instead of concerts. In addition, there will be a special New Year dedicated to children to make the evening even more special for children.

A New Year’s Eve immersed in the world of theatre
In Rome, the theatrical offer is extraordinary not only throughout the year, but also on the night of December 31. During this special day, you will have the opportunity to attend wonderful theater performances.
In addition to the joy and happiness that comes with it, the theatrical offer is incredibly varied and also includes many classic works. You just have to choose the theater show that most fascinates you, to spend a magical evening and out of the ordinary. In the end, you will find yourself with a mix of emotions and feelings, because the theater in Rome is more than a tradition: it is a lifestyle that has lasted for years.

New year's Eve and music
Every year, during the New Year’s Eve in Rome, there is an unmissable music festival. Wild fun, overwhelming music and a selection of excellent alcoholic beverages to make the eternal night in the Eternal City an unforgettable experience. It’s no secret that on this special night many world-famous DJs come to Rome with one goal: to have fun and have fun. So why not join the dances and celebrations? You can start the party in the evening, dancing until the first light of day! And if you want to listen to live music, other than house and disco, well... in this case too you will have multiple options to choose from. During New Year’s Eve, in fact, numerous concerts will be held throughout the city.

New Year’s Eve in the Eternal City: a riot of flavors
If you want to enjoy the pleasures of Roman cuisine while waiting for midnight, all you have to do is head to one of the typical Roman restaurants, where you can enjoy unique New Year’s Eve dinners. Roman chefs always strive to surprise their guests with dishes that combine creativity and flavor, creating authentic culinary works. Of course, at the stroke of midnight, you can not miss the classic Roman dish: cotechino with lentils. You can choose between the traditional version and alternatives that will surprise you. In addition, during New Year’s Eve, you will have the opportunity to taste many other dishes that are an exclusive of the Roman tradition.

New Year’s Eve in Rome: The night magic of the Eternal City
If you want a different New Year’s Eve in Rome, you can dedicate yourself to the discovery of the Eternal City by taking one of the Rome by Night Tours. Throughout the city, in fact, there are numerous tour guides and excursion experts who will allow you to deepen the history that permeates every street of this city. Lovers of the historical side of Rome will have the opportunity to explore the historic buildings, discover the peculiarities of these architectures and know much more about a place rich in history like Rome.
In addition, to make the Roman New Year even more lively, you can move between the alleys of the capital on board a segway. In this way you will have a broader view of all the historical curiosities typical of the Capital of Bel Paese. In addition to traditional excursions, in Rome there are also guided tours to discover its most mystical and hidden aspects: a fascinating experience for those who love stories of ghosts, mysteries, loves, secrets, intrigues and betrayals.

The Dip in the Tiber: An ancient tradition to live
Regardless of your choice for New Year’s Eve in Rome, keep in mind that on 1 January each year takes place the traditional dip in the Tiber. This ancient tradition has more than half a century of history behind it. The group is led by Maurizio Palmulli, an expert who seems to appreciate the icy waters of the river. If you want to experience the thrill of this experience (remember that you need to know how to swim well), the appointment is for the 1st of January at the bridge Cavour. Be sure to bring towels and get ready for an icy bath in the waters of the river that runs through the Eternal City. At first, the feeling of cold will wrap you from head to toe and give you a strange feeling, but it will definitely be worth it.

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